The Villas :
5 bedrooms :
  • Villa P4-16
  • 4 bedrooms :
  • Villa P7-17
  • 3 bedrooms :
  • Villa M2-19
  • Villa P7-17A
  • (with private pool)
  • Villa M2-17
  • Villa AN-12A
    Villa P7-17A
    This villa with modern-minimalist design offers a cozy and relaxing place to stay. It has:
    • Spacious living and dining room on the 1st floor
    • Small living room on the 2nd floor.
    • Five furnished bedrooms (two master room, three regular room).
    • Four bathrooms (Hot showers are available in every bathroom).
    • BBQ area with wood deck.
    • Garage on basement that fits one car.
    • Driver/maid room on basement service area
    • Large back yard.
    • Nice view and surroundings.

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    Villa P7-17 and villa P7-17A are next to each other connected thru backyard and service area. Both villas has almost identical layout with slightly difference in pool area and interior arrangements. Renting both villa is suitable for big groups, can accomodate up to 30 pax.

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